A la carte


  • Beetroot carpaccio, goat cheese mousse and roasted nuts  L, G  12,5
  • Shrimp Skagen  L  13
  • Salmon pastrami, black lentils, orange-fennel salad, chervil creme  L  13,5
  • Slightly salted horse with red onion syrup  L, G  14


Main courses

  • Brussels sprout and cauliflower in Dijon-creme, roasted root vegetables L, G  18
  • Fried perch with Jerusalem artichoke purée and saffron vinaigrette  L, G  29
  • Veggie burger, tomato and bean salsa, marinated onion, country style fries  V  19,5
  • Locally sourced beef burger with country style fries  VL  19,5
  • Grilled liver, bacon, onion, capers, mashed potatoes  L, G  24
  • Pepper steak, pepper sauce, broccolini, country style fries  L, G  33
  • Steak on a plank, tomato and red onion salad, country style fries  L, G  36
  • Fillet of horse, barley cooked in cream, dark forest mushroom sauce  L  29



  • Licorice mudcake with raspberry and licorice ice cream, licorice purée  L  12
  • Homemade crèpes with jam, honey and whipped cream  L  11,5
  • Apple soup with apple crumble and white chocolate mousse  10,5
  • Masters Crème Brûlée  L, G  11
  • Vanilla ice cream, house strawberry jam or chocolate or caramel sauce, whipped cream  8
  • Lemon sorbet  G, M, V  5
  • Daily cheese with jam  3,5


L=lactose free
VL=low lactose
G=available gluten-free
M=no dairy